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6 Easy Activities to do in Jacksonville Beach

It’s not difficult to find things to do at the beach. If anything, just being there with your toes in the cool sand and the picturesque waves as your view is enough to make anyone feel subliminal. But, if you’re new to the Jacksonville Beach area and not accustomed to beach life, you might be wondering how you can fully enjoy the benefits of your sandy new neighborhood.

When it’s your day off and the sea is calling to ya, here are some pointers on how you can make the most of your time!

1. Sunrise Jog: The sunrise on Jax Beach is not to be missed! Sure, you’ll have to turn back the alarm clock a bit earlier and everyone knows that can be tough when the bed is oh so cozy, but I assure you, it’s worth it. The beach is peaceful, empty and perfect for exercise as the sky is filled with vivid colors.

2. Surf fishing: You don’t need a fancy fishing boat to go offshore and reel in a big one. Set up for a day of fishing right from the beach. You’ll need surf rods, a portable cooler filled with ice cold beers, a fold-able chair and your sunscreen. Cast out, then sit back and wait for those bites.

3. Paddle boarding: One of the lucky perks of living in Florida is that some days, the ocean will be as docile as a lake. With small waves gently lapping on the shore, you can paddle out and enjoy gliding over the water with ease. Not only is paddle boarding an awesome work out, but it’s mentally relaxing as well.

4. Bocce Ball: You might see a group of merry beach goers throwing small, solid balls around in the sand, trying to knock the other players balls out of bounds. This, my friend, is called bocce ball. It’s a popular and fun pastime that ups the ante of any beach day and gets the competitive juices flowing.

5. Shark tooth hunting: Did you know that the beaches of Jacksonville are prime for finding sharks teeth? Fossilized teeth of all shapes and species wash up and you can discover them nestled in shell beds. Once you get the hang of what they look like (usually black in color, but they can be white too), you can start an epic collection.

6. Beach biking: It won’t take long to notice how bicycle friendly Jax Beach is. You’ll see locals cruising on 1st and 2nd street in groups, going from beach bar to bar or just enjoying an evening ride through the town. Even better, the sand on the beach is packed hard, making it perfect for beach cruising. Ditch the pavement and find a beach access, then head out during low tide for miles of salty breeze and beautiful views.

Courtney Lambert

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