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Sand dunes at sunrise

8 Ways You Know You Live in Jacksonville Beach

You know you’ve completely settled in and embraced living in Jacksonville Beach when…

1. Sand has become a regular part of your life. There’s beach sand in your car, shoes, and favorite bag. Perhaps it’s even in your hair. At first, it might’ve been an annoyance, but then you realized that if you can’t beat it, join up. It’s the best reminder that the Atlantic Ocean is only a hop, skip and jump away.
2. Your beach cruiser is your best friend. One of the best things about living in Jax Beach is how bike friendly it is. Plus, when the weather is nice, there’s no better way to cruise around. You’ve got your bike ready to go with a cup holder, air in the tires and a basket to hold your music player and t-shirt.
3. Flip flops are your wardrobe essential. There’s a pair at home and a pair in your car. When it’s winter time, you wear them with socks. It’s the Florida way!
4. You live for the 4th of July. This is the day you look forward to all year long. It’s the day when the beaches community comes together in full force to show patriotic spirit the best way Jax Beach locals can. Don your best red, white and blue, decorate your bike and head to 1st Street to join up with your pals for a day of party hopping and fireworks.
5. Breakfast is the most important time of the day, especially on the weekends! The best start to the weekend is with classic biscuits and gravy, hash browns, shrimp n’ grits or pancakes at one of your favorite local joints: Maple Street Biscuit Company, Beach Hut, Ellen’s Kitchen and Metro Diner.
6. You spend your weekends outdoors. How can you not- it would be a crying shame! With the beautiful FL weather and tons of parks boasting a diverse array of nature, hitting the trails, going mountain biking or running on the beach are some of the best ways to de-stress and enjoy time off.
7. Your new hobbies include surfing, skateboarding, fishing, surf fishing and boating.
8. At least once a week you eat tacos or subs for lunch. You like to head to Taco Lu, Burrito Gallery or The Flying Iguana to get your Mexican food fix. For subs, Sun Deli and Angie’s Subs are the iconic sandwich shops of the area.

Courtney Lambert

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