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Sub sandwich

Craving a Sub? These Are The Best Sandwich Shops in Jax Beach

I know it’s a very specific topic to discuss...the sub sandwich. What does this breaded bliss stuffed with meats and cheeses have to do with Jacksonville Beach?

Well, when you’ve been living in Jacksonville Beach for awhile, you might start to notice a local love for subs. But, not from just any old run of the mill Subway. There are a few amazing local restaurants proudly serving up these foot-long babies, and they have gained reputations as a result.

At lunch time, it is not uncommon to find beach locals making their day go from good to spectacular just by enjoying one of these deli delicacies for lunch. So, without further ado, here are best sandwich shops to try out in Jax Beach.

Angie’s Subs

You haven’t lived in Jacksonville Beach until you’ve eaten at Angie’s Subs. It is a local business that is deeply embedded as an icon of Jacksonville Beach culture and history. This place is always packed, because honestly, once you’ve had a bite of a Peruvian or Del Rio sub, you’ll go on a sub binge for at least a week. In my opinion, the subs are always toasted perfectly. Also, the sweet tea is homemade and a must for any meal.

Sun Deli

There has always been a back and forth between locals on whether Angie’s is the ultimate favorite or Sun Deli. Everyone has their preference, but Sun Deli is other crown jewel of sandwiches in Jacksonville Beach. They have all of the classic sub favorites and well known in house creations, such as the Hart Attack, South Beach, Gnarly Charlie and Meatball. The ingredients are fresh and the subs are built in delicious proportion so you always have a mouth full of cheese, meat and veggies. Don’t forget the Peruvian Sauce!

Zoe’s Kitchen

Zoe’s Kitchen is a chain, but I have to mention their Ponte Vedra location because the chicken salad sandwich is bomb. This is a great restaurant when you want something light and healthy.

D&LP Subs

This is another local favorite that makes delicious subs when you are craving something hot and indulgent. The cheese steaks, veal parm and meatball subs are divine with fresh, toasty bread. The service is always fast and they deliver as well. For a bonus, I’d like to give a shout out to the Hawaiian pizza they is the best (even if there is that huge debate about pineapple on pizza).

Courtney Lambert

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