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Two fossilized sharks teeth

Pro Tips For Finding Sharks Teeth on Jacksonville Beach

A favorite pastime of Jacksonville Beach locals is hunting for sharks teeth. From the time you make your first big find as a little kid to having a collection jar filled with teeth from over the years, it’s a hobby that truly celebrates beach life and the unique treasure of the Northeast Florida coast.

If you’re new to Jacksonville Beach, you may not have the slightest idea about how to find a shark’s tooth. It might seem like searching for a needle in a haystack, but if you know a few tried and true tips then you’ll become a pro treasure hunter in no time.

The best spots to search

You can find sharks teeth anywhere along the coast, whether in Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Jacksonville Beach of Ponte Vedra Beach. They are there, nestled in the sand ready to be snatched. I prefer Ponte Vedra Beach, as it is where I have had the most luck finding teeth- but everyone is different!

The early bird gets the tooth

Grab a cup of coffee, hop on your beach cruiser and head out into the sand first thing in the morning. Not only will you get to the beach after high tide has refreshed the shell beds, but you’ll beat other teeth pickers. You stand a better chance finding loads of big teeth that haven’t yet been picked over yet.

Where are they hiding?

Take your time and walk up the beach, watching the ground as you mosey along. Focus your attention on the shallows, in pools and shell beds where the shore is still wet. Shark teeth are easy to distinguish by shape and color. They will be long and skinny or short and wide with a broad top. The color is usually black but there are off-white teeth as well.

Once you make a big find…

Take your teeth home and try to figure out what shark species each one belongs to. Then, you brag about them (joking), create stunning jewelry, put them on display or tuck them inside of a special jar as the start of an epic collection.

Courtney Lambert

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